About Chameleon Art Products

Formed in 2013, Chameleon Art Products brings together the same visionary team recognised for bringing high-quality creative art products to the global market for over 20 years.


Priding ourselves on innovation, Chameleon bring you patented products you won’t find anywhere else.

Based in the UK with representation in over 70 countries across the globe Chameleon launched their first product at the end of 2014.


After 3 years of development, the first offering brings a revolution in coloring; Chameleon Color Tones. This unique and easily controlled system changes the tone of the ink in each marker from a hint of a tint to its pure color; creating highlights, shading, seamless gradations and blending effects.

Previewed at the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) Mega Show 2014, Chameleon Color Tones markers were winners in the “HOT 20 Product Awards for product innovation & 2 years later winning the much sought after Red Dot Award for Innovation.

Chameleon have continued to develop this system launching Chameleon Color Tops in 2017, creating an unrivaled system allowing you to not only produce seamless tonal blends, but stunning color to color blends.

The combination of Chameleon’s innovative art products and a core ethos of supporting our customers as they grow as artists and crafters has achieved global popularity resulting in hundreds of thousands of social followers and viral campaigns worldwide.

In 2017 Chameleon launched the brand Chameleon Kidz, a brand based around creating innovative, fun and educational products that kids will not only love but allow them to create amazing art.

Chameleon’s goal is to release the inner artist and crafter in everyone and we are committed to listening to, supporting, inspiring and educating all our customers, no matter their age.