Chameleon Art Products (“Chameleon”), including Chameleon Kidz, is committed to protecting the privacy of children using our websites and applications. Our Children’s Online Privacy Policy details out information collection, disclosure, and parental consent practices in respect of information by children under the age of 13 (“children” and/or “child”).The policy is in accordance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), and sets out our practices relating to children’s personal information. For additional information about COPPA and advice on protecting your children’s online privacy please go to OnGuard Online.


Chameleon has a range of websites and applications, some of which are aimed primarily at children, whereas others are intended for users of all ages. Our websites and applications provide a range of activities, including activities that might collect information from children. We have summarised when such collection might occur and how/when we will provide parental notice and/or request parental consent. Any time that we collect personal information from a child, the information will be held for no longer than is reasonably necessary to complete the activity or allow the child to continue with the activity, ensuring the security of our users and services, or as otherwise might be legally required. Where it is discovered that information has been collected from a child that is not in line with the requirements of COPPA, such information will be deleted or we will seek the parent’s consent to hold the information.


Children are in many cases able to register with our websites and applications to view and download content, enter contests and use other special features. The registration process may ask the child to provide information for notifications and security purposes, which will include a parent and/or guardian’s e-mail address, the child’s first name and gender, username and password. We may also request a date of birth from the child to check their age. We highly recommend that children do not provide any personal information in their usernames. It should be noted that children can decide if they wish to share their information with us, however, some features will not work without it. Where this is the case children may be unable to access some features if they have not provided the information needed. We do not ask a child for more information than reasonably required to use the online activities.


In line with COPPA’s requirement on a child targeted website or application or where at any time we ask for a child’s age and determine that the child is under 12 years old, we will ask for a parent and/or guardian’s e-mail address before any personal information is collected from the child. If for any reason you are concerned your child is using a part of our website or applications that collects personal information and you and/or another parent and/or guardian have NOT received an e-mail notifying you or asking your consent please contact us at E-mails provided for parental consent will not be used for marketing, unless the parent and/or guardian has opted in to e-mail marketing.


Our websites and applications may permit children to create or configure content and save it with Chameleon. Where these activities do not need a child’s personal information we may not send a notice to the parent and/or guardian or request their consent. Where the activity allows a child to enter personal information into the content they have created, the personal information provided in the submission will either be deleted or we will request verifiable consent by e-mail for the collection from the parent and/or guardian.


E-Mail Consent

Where Chameleon wants to collect a child’s personal information, it is a requirement of COPPA that we obtain a parent and/or guardian’s consent by e-mail. The e-mail will set out the information we are collecting, how we intend to use it, how consent can be provided and how consent can be withdrawn. If a parent and/or guardians consent is not received within a reasonable time frame we will delete their contact details and any other information provided by the child in connection with the activity.


It is possible that Chameleon may need to respond to a query from a child. In such instances Chameleon might have to ask for the child’s online contact information, for example an e-mail address. Any information Chameleon collects will be deleted as soon as we have handled the query.

In relation to some activities and/or other services we may collect a child’s online contact information, for example an e-mail address, in order to communicate with a child on more than on occasion. Where this is the case the child’s online contact information will be held to satisfy the requirements and not for any other purpose such as marketing. A newsletter providing updates about Chameleon and its activities is an example of when a child’s information might be retained. Where a child’s contact information is held for ongoing communication we will also require a parent and/or guardian e-mail address so we can notify the parent and/or guardian that the data has been collected and it’s intended us and allow the parent and/or guardian to stop further contact with the child. It is possible that a parent and/or guardian might, where a child is using more than one form of ongoing communication, need to opt out of each one separately.    


If the Chameleon website collects location information capable of providing a street address we will ask for e-mail consent from a parent and/or guardian first.


When a child uses our websites and/or applications various information can be collected automatically, to help make our websites and applications more enjoyable and useful to children and for other purposes relating to our business. These can include the type of operating system used by the computer, the IP address or a mobile device identifier, web browser, the number of times the parts of our website or applications are viewed and information relating to the online or mobile service supplier. The information is collected using cookies, flash cookies, web beacons and other unique identifiers which are listed in SECTION 9 TRACKING TOOLS in our PRIVACY POLICY.

This information may be collected by Chameleon and/or a third party. The data is generally used for internal purposes only, to provide children with access to content and activities on our website and applications, customize content, improve our website and applications, to research and analyze the performance of our website and applications and generate anonymous reports for Chameleon’s use.

Where this information is collected from children, either by us or an approved third party, we will ask for a parent and/or guardians consent in advance.


There are a number of limited instances where we may share a child’s personal information. These include sharing information with our service providers if required for them to perform technology support, professional or business services; and where permitted and/or required by law.  


A parent and/or guardian can at any time ask Chameleon to stop collecting personal information from their children in respect to a particular account and can require that all personal information collected in relation to this account is deleted from our records. Please be advised that if we are asked to delete records this may mean that an account, membership or other service is terminated.





If you have questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact Chameleon directly.

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Please include in any correspondence the child’s username and parent and/or guardians e-mail address and telephone number to protect children’s privacy and security we will take all reasonable steps to help verify a parent and/or guardian’s identity before allowing access to any personal information.