Learn to Draw

Level 3

Large Heading

Color Theory 

Chapter 1:

Learn the basics of Color Theory.

Learn about the Color Wheel, Complementary Colors and Cool and Warm Colors.

Drawing in 3D

Chapter 2:

Learn how to create 3D effects with highlights and shadows.


Chapter 3:

Learn how to build a pencil sketch from basic shapes to get your drawing just right.


Chapter 4:

Learn to draw realistic clouds, mountains, trees and waves!  Learn coloring techniques to make your nature drawings look 3D!

Observation Drawing

Chapter 5:

Learn to draw linear and atmospheric perspective.

Chapter 6:

Learn the proportions to create wonderful and realistic portraits. Learn how to use your Blendy Pens to make your portraits come to life!


Chapter 7:

Learn to draw your character's body from simple shapes.

Learn how to draw superheroes in action!


Chapter 8:

Learn observation tricks to draw landscapes and still lifes.